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Learning about Erosion


1.) Watch this video about erosion


The Basics of Erosion


2.) Go to Google Maps and find examples of:


  • canyon
  • basin
  • delta
  • deposition
  • erosion
  • plateau
  • meander
  • channel
  • drainage basin


Find at least 5 of the above.  Choose your favorite landform that you find and write down its location and name so you can show it to the class!  Also include an explanation of how you think this landform eroded and why.


3.) Tell us what kind of landform you found, describe its location and explain how it formed in the comment area below.




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abdul111 said

at 12:03 pm on Oct 1, 2010

We found a beautiful blue beach off the coast of Florida. The name of the beach is called West Palm Beach.It was like a short wide beach and a long outfield.The waves formed the blue beautiful West Palm Florida Beach.There was a road that leads you to a beach.The trees are very beautiful on the beach.The water looked very clean.

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